Products for Localization

The Get Localization product family is your gateway to global markets and a broader user base.

We make software localization easier and more cost-efficient than ever before. With the Get Localization family of tools and services you can focus on software development and let localization integrate seamlessly into it.

Get Localization tools and services adapt to your agile processes and help you reach a quicker time to market. They help you reduce localization related risks significantly and reduce localization overhead costs with up to 80 %.

We offer a variety of tools and services for software and web localization. All our solutions are built on Lingodesk technology and they offer an intuitive user experience and reliable results.

Choose the product that best fits your localization needs:

  • Get Localization for crowdsourcing and project based needs.
  • Lingodesk products for higher volumes, more control and an enhanced customer branded experience.